Thursday, June 24, 2010


The past weeks have been very busy for me--- graduate studies, series of job applications, exams and interviews for some of them. I applied for jobs related to my experience in the field of Human Resources and also for other vacancies that hold no relevance with my professional background. It is with this “no relevance” jobs that I am so interested. They are as follows and my status on each of them:

1. Air Philippines

I’ve learned through joanne ( that Airphils is hiring both in Manila & Cebu. Last June 8, I submitted my CV together with Anne, a fellow FA aspirant, at their Mactan office.

June 9- was our scheduled impact interview @ 9 a.m. There were 11 applicants and only 4 of us were successful on that stage (2 boys & 2 girls). Anne and I felt blessed on that day although there’s no assurance yet for us to be hired. At least we made it to the first step. We were just told by their Head that we still have to wait for future advice as to when our HR exam and final interview be. To this date, no advise yet. We just have to stretch our patience.

2. Star Cruises

May 30- It is with Kai ( that I came to know about the cruise ship hiring. I bought a Sunstar copy myself to see the ads personally. Kai & I agreed to apply the following day.

May 31- I went to Magsaysay Shipping, the agency handling the hiring, in the morning. Kai decided to have hers on the afternoon. As a walk-in applicant, I was immediately entertained and was told to take the exam together with the others. After passing the exam & interview, I have to wait for 2 weeks for the orientation schedule and final interview with the employer.

June 17- we received information on this day to report to Magsaysay by 4 p.m. for the orientation. We had a briefing with their HR-Officer regarding the requirements/documents that we have to comply for the final interview such as NBI for sea woman, passport pic & whole body pic with white background, etc… We are to submit everything by June 21 and the final interview is set on June 23.

June 18- I allocated the whole day for the processing of my documents and was able to accomplish them on the same day.

June 19- We were told to be at the Magsaysay office for the mock interview

June 21- I went to Magsaysay office and submitted my documents. After checking, I was told to come at 8 a.m. on June 23, 2010.

June 23- The day came and I was nervous. Two representatives of Star Cruises came and both are Filipina. I believed I screwed up my chance on this day. I just knew it. I got intimidated with the interviewer and nervousness hits me. I wasn’t able to think clearly then. Now, I am not confident with the status of my application. I hope that everything would be alright. Result would come out not later than June 28, 2010. I’ll have to keep my faith on this…

3. Royal Brunei Airlines

June 17- I’ve learned through fellow pexer Tanduri that RBA under Pert Agency will be hiring cabin crews here in Cebu. Fellow FA aspirants Anne, Kai & I decided to grab the opportunity.

June 23- I was planning that after my Cruise ship interview I will proceed immediately to PERT to submit my application. It turns out that my two newly-found friends and fellow cruise ship applicants, Melody & Loren have the same plan as mine. Melody told me to wait for her as she’s not yet done with the interview. It’s around 11 a.m. and the sun is so hot outside. Thank God, Melody had a car. We went to the agency in our full business attire and make-up. The agency staff must have thought that we were so serious with our applications that even if they only required coming in casual attire, we were in our business costumes. Hehehe. The lady even asked me if we all worked in the same company. After the submission, we decided to visit Sto. Nino church and had lunch at La Fortuna. Melody & I exchange numbers and to keep in touch for updates. We also agreed to apply together for QR OD this July if we don’t get to be successful with StarCruises. So my status on this is still waiting for advice for pre-screening & interview.

My greatest dream job really is to become a Cabin Crew for international Airlines. I have applied several times already for QR (5), EK (2), & Oman (1) but all of them were unsuccessful. I know I am not alone on this. However, I am entertaining the option to land a job in the Cruise ship industry as this would still allow me to travel abroad for free and meet people from all walks of life and the salary and benefits is not that bad anyway. I am thinking also that if ever I work in a cruise ship, I may have the chance to apply in OD’s abroad and still pursue my dream for flying. I hope that everything will be be put into place.