Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am sorry "my online diary" for neglecting you for quite some time. Although I have not updated you, but it doesn't mean that I have totally forgotten about you. I have been thinking of posting many happenings for the previous days & weeks but I do not have the luxury of time. I have been very busy with lots of things and that my thoughts are everywhere. I promise to update you as soon as possible in the coming days. Do not worry for I still trust you my secrets, desires and wishes. See you again!

Sunday, July 4, 2010



July 4, 2010- Still no news up to this very date. We were supposed to expect it last June 28. I've asked some applicants also if they have information already, they also have no idea.So, I am not the only one who is clueless. Still in waiting mode. :))


Same case with Star Cruises. After our Screening & Impact Interview, still no news as to when the Second Step (HR Exam & final Interview)will be. I think this is their trend because a friend of mine have applied with them before and it was more than month of waitng before they were called for the next step.


July 1, 2010- After my submission from RBA a couple of days ago, I received a text message to report to their office for screening & initial interview. A representative from their MAnila Office came to screened the applicants. My schedule was 9 a.m. but the agent's flight got delayed and she arrived 12 noon. Just imagine the long hours of waiting that I have to endure.
During my turn, my height measured only 5"3 1/2 and I weigh 52 kgs. I was shorter by half inch with their required height and heavier by 1 kilo. :((. However, what concerned the interviewer the most was age because I will be turning 27 this September. To cut the story short, she told me that she will be endorsing my application to their head for approval and if it will be considered since it will still be on September that I'll be 27. Her last words were inspiring to me because she said that she really hope that I'll get the approval and that my age will be considered and she really hope to see me in the final interview to be done by RBA representatives within the month of July. I have this positive feeling that the interviewer liked me maybe because I have answered her questions very well and I came prepared. I just hope & pray that I get the consideration and be able to join the final interview. My feeling for this application is like "I'm floating in the air". Nothing clear yet until I get the notification for the next stage of the screening. Still, I'll invest my positive thoughts for this one.