Monday, April 26, 2010


Yes! I am now back with my short hair--as in very short. I've decided right after the QR OD to cut my hair and be back to its original shape. I have always lived in a very short hair since childhood and have the same style of haircut until I grew up. I always liked it short that I could no longer grasp and tie it. It became a habit or obsession already. Last year I decided to put an end of the said habit because of my FA plans. Long hair would look more feminine, attractive and easier to style. Growing it long was a great sacrifice on my part. Now, I am thankful that I no longer will endure taking care of my long hair. I am happy to be back again to the original and back to reality. My "new yet old" hair cut signifies moving on to a new chapter of my life, taking careful steps, building new hopes and dreams and keeping the faith for the old ones.

Friday, April 23, 2010

4th QR OD

For the 4th time I didn’t get the call from the recruiter but, I wasn’t hurt at all. I wonder why? Is it because I got used of being rejected? Have I developed immunity to the situation already? I think it is more of acceptance and embracing the situation whole-heartedly that saved me from the pain. Yes, I have wished but I did not expect that much. I have learned my lessons well enough in the past that I have prepared my emotions several days before joining. I will no longer allow myself to wallow in tears. I had enough!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I will be going to Cebu this 17th April 2010 without the knowledge of my parents about my real purpose. This is my first time not to tell them the truth behind my travel and my plans. Everytime I travel I always informed them. All they know is that I'm going there to meet up with my mother & her fellow delegates arriving from Bacolod City, and that I will be going with them by Monday to Simala. Of course, I really want to go to Simala but If I am to attend the QR AD on the 19th that would mean to move my visiting date for Simala.

This time I opted not to tell them anymore that I'm giving another try for my cabin crew application. I know that this is just synonymous to lying. I hope God will understand. Much that I wanted to tell them but I do not want them to get worried anymore and get hurt everytime I fail. Ifever I'll fail it'll be just between me & GOD. Only God knows about my plan and hopefully HE will grant me success this time around.

My parents may not have disclosed their worries & frustrations but I know what they are feeling deep inside. When we went to church yesterday early morning, I know my mother cried a bit & was just holding back her emotions while praying. Many times I have glimpsed my mother crying while praying for me. They have always prayed that I will get what I am dreaming to have and that is to become a cabin crew. My father is worried because he can see that I have been jobless for months already and that all my FA attempts were unsuccessful. My father always wanted to see me successful and not just staying at home doing some chores. He can feel that I no longer have the enthusiasm to work for another job if it is not of a Cabin Crew.

To my mama & papa, I am sorry for all these. I am sorry if I can't tell you the truth this time. I promise to give my best and GOD will do the rest. I will not fail you but will make you proud as you have always been no matter what.

Friday, April 9, 2010

With all humility....I ask & pray...


As I kneel down & submit myself unto you, I thank you for the new opportunity that you have again opened for me inorder to fulfill my dream to become a cabin crew.

As I participate again this April 18, 2010 for the Qatar Airways Open Day at Marriot Hotel Cebu:

I ask & pray to have the needed confidence, courage & wisdom as I submit my CV to the QR Recruiter.

I ask & pray that I will present myself positively to the recruiter and he/she will be impressed as to how I answer the questions & carry the conversation. Without any doubt, the recruiter will shortlist my application and will invite me to join the Assessment Day on 19th of April 2010.

I ask & pray that on the Assessment Day, I will carry the same positive aura that will manifests throughout the day. I will pass the physical screening & the written exam, I will actively participate in the group dynamics & discussions. I will understand the instructions & present my ideas clearly and will have an excellent relationship with my groupmates. I will feel relaxed, comfortable, mindful & happy while going through with the AD activities. The recruiters will notice me & approve of my attitude. When the judgment comes, I will pass all the stages of the recruitment and will be advised to come back for the FINAL INTERVIEW on the 20th of April 2010 of the same venue.

I ask and pray that as I face this greatest challenge in pursuit of my destiny, I will have your strength to conquer my fears, doubts & worries but will remain humble at heart. As I face my final interviewers, I will greet and smile to them with utmost sincerity and they in return will treat me warmly and make me feel at ease. The interview will appear to be like any casual conversations and I will be able to provide them beyond satisfactory answers. I will always be truthful with my words and actions. They will see within my heart & through my eyes as to how great be my desire to become a cabin crew. They will see in me the good qualities to be part of Qatar Airways. With much certainty, they will consider me deserving for the job and will recommend me for employment.

“I thank you Lord for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I thank you for fulfilling my heart’s desire. I thank you for staying beside me all the time most especially on the very crucial moment of my life. It was your Holy Spirit who spoke and answered for me.”

I ask & pray that as I comply my pre-employment requirements, everything will be smooth sailing. I will be able to provide the necessary documents & my health will allow me fit for the job. I will complete them as early as possible and will be able to fly for training to Doha on the set date by the Qatar Recruitment Team.

I ask & pray that I fly safely to Doha. I will be able to finish my training with flying colors. I will then be given my roster right after my training. As I live the life of a cabin crew, I will be able to adjust to the demands & pressure of my work. I will give my very best, my full dedication for the job. I will be passionate in everything that I do. I will take inspiration & pleasure from my job and not to get home sick. I will stay healthy so that I can continually be of service to people.

I ask & pray that as my job will bring out many changes in my life, my love for YOU, my family, friends, relatives and to my country will remain the same. If ever I will change, it will be in accordance with your words. I will continue to share your blessings & be of inspiration to other people.

I ask & pray that may your HOLY SPIRIT guide and protect me always wherever I go.

Lord Jesus I ask for you to bless me the success of my Qatar Airways Cabin Crew application on the18th of April 2010. I believe in your kindness and power for nothing is impossible with you. I shall receive my cabin crew job for I know in my heart that now is the perfect time that you have prepared for me.

I Asked, Believed & will Received my Cabin Crew employment upon your Holy Grace. Amen.