Monday, May 31, 2010


I've learned from read2lead ( morning that Qatar Airways will have an Open Day this July. For the 5th time, I'm joining and looking forward in making my cabin crew dream into a reality. I do not care if it's gonna be my 5th, 6th, and so on....Ifever I will not get the golden text/call, which I kinda been immune to it already, I will still try and try until my age expires! hehehe. I will never say NO to the opportunity even if I will get hurt several times. As the Cebuano saying goes, " Ang mag-antos, masantos!". Hehehe. The big question is, when? Only God knows the answer. Probably & hopefully on my 5th try! Let's wait and see when the day comes. I am so looking forward to meet fellow FA aspirants and develop friendship with them. It's the best thing that happened during OD's.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Of all months in a year, MAY is the memorable one. This month marked an unforgettable moment in my life more than my birthmonth, September. Unforgettable because it was on MAy 2009 that I was first hospitalized for a major operation, cyst removal. One year had passed already and the scar is still evident in my tummy. I see and feel it everyday. I could see how my navel was affected with it. The doctor had to made me a new navel, I call it my "man-made navel". My scar is quite long as compared with others. I could still remember how great was my fear that time. I was uncontrollably shaking all over. I have always thought of myself as a brave person, yet I was so afraid at that time. Hopefully, it would be my first and last operation. I hate scars!! While thinking of my experience, maybe this is the reason why GOD didn't grant my cabin crew wish yet. Maybe HE still want my operation to heal completely so that I will be so fit for the job eventhough I have recovered so fast. Now that it's one-year and with no complications, I do hope that I'd become a cabin crew soon.


At last I'm done with packing! It seemed an endless task to do. I'm glad I'm done with it and hopefully I'm not forgetting anything. I've packed a lot of things because I am now relocating to Cebu for good. I'll be taking my masteral program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This program is absolutely in line with my Bachelor's degree and related with my work experience in the field of Human Resources. This is an option and a decision made after my failed applications with Qatar Airways & Emirates. I just cannot wait and put my life on stationary anymore just for my cabin crew application. I have been idle, dissapointed and frustrated with my left-&-right failures for several months. It's time for me to move forward. After all, I am the master of my fate & the captain of my soul.

Monday, May 10, 2010


WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you like someone till the end but he likes your friend?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if he tells you she’s always in his heart?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if he says she’s always in his dreams?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if she’s always in his mind night and day?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if he tells you he’s hurting if she’s with another?


WHAT WOULD YOU DO if this friend turns out to be you!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It would take a thousand workers to build a castle, a million soldiers to protect it's country, but it only takes one WOMAN to build a happy home. Happy Mother's Day to my Mama!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who do you think you are!?...A hate that is more dangerous than love...

Just who do you think you are? You think you are so high & mighty already? You think you can have everything? You think you are so righteous already? Well, have you forgotten your past, your dirty dirty past!? You think you can cover it up with wealth & fame? Are you having amnesia, a fugue!? Can’t you remember anymore where you came from? Who you were before? Have you been blinded already of the material things surrounding you? Have you been deceived of the praises & admiration that other people are throwing at you? You think they are all sincere with that? How well do you know them and how well do they know you? You are such a superficial individual. You have become a beast. You have so much pride in your veins. Your material possessions have made you a lesser person. You have been so proud of your status that you think you are part of the elite society---brushing elbows with politicians, cheek-to-cheek with the high class people. For all they know, you are just a social climber to them. They will never look at you on the same level as them. They can smell even at a distant that you are not one of them. You will always appear inferior to them. You can’t buy class and breeding. So do not be conceited and assuming! Where were these so-called “now friends” of yours when grandfather and the whole family were so financially down? Where were they when grandmother died? Where were they when the whole family has been left with nothing? Where were they when you were at the most shameful moment of your life? They all turned their backs at us. They never cared. They have all forgotten that we exist. Now you are so proud of yourself for having to associate with these kinds of people and for being close to them. It is just now that they have given you attention when you already have the means because of getting yourself a very wealthy man. You think questions and gossips will not form at the back of their heads? Much worst, you listened to them than your own family. You have been so full of yourself already that you are trying to involve with politics and financially supporting some politician’s candidacy. That will not make you an honourable person. Now that you have the wealth, you are now after of power and fame. You could have been running for a mayoralty position this election if only you didn’t have your throat operation. That has been a hindrance to your plan. So now, you just opted to support someone thinking that this would be your stepping stone. You have been such a fool for listening & believing advises of these people for you to enter politics. They are just using you. The next election after 2010 would still be far but now you are already formulating plans of your future candidacy. You have organized your own foundation supporting education of poor students. That is a very good deed but your motive is not pure. People will question your motives because they know that you are not even generous and willing to help your own members of the family who were in financial difficulties. Isn’t that charity begins at home? You do just not enter politics just for your own gratification. Why don’t you try to evaluate yourself? You do not have what it takes to become a public servant. Try to enter politics and your stinking odour will be made known to people. You have favoured other people that your own family. I just wish that it will never be too late for you.
Please do not try to text or call me anymore while I still have the patience to hold my emotions. As there is still a little respect that remains in my heart for you, I’d rather not answer the phone for you. I’d rather ignore you totally as I might not able to control my temper. I just hate you so much—a hate that is more dangerous than love. I am having some difficulty on how to make a good end to this blog. I have been revising this for several days so that it won’t appear so brutal on you. You still have to be thankful for my self-restriction on this blog and for writing it privately instead of personally slapping the words into your face----- words that would surely destroy and break your spirit.