Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Every time I close my eyes, I have been wishing lately of two things:

My first wish is that I will become a flight attendant of Qatar Airways. I wish that when I sign-off from Star Cruises by next year, the wings of QR will welcome me by then. I hope that I will get the job that I have been dreaming to have. I wish that my next post would be as a cabin crew of Qatar Airlines and jet setting around the globe, and not anymore with Star Cruises as a casino dealer.

As for my second, I also harbor inside my heart that if ever the one mentioned above will not come true and that my career path has no right directions , I just wish that I can find a right man that will truly and dearly love me, a man that can fulfill my happiness and my needs. I have never thought of this before, only recently when I realized that I am no longer 18 but 28. A dear friend and fellow FA aspirant was indeed right. These were Anne’s wishes in the past but just didn’t agree much with her on the “finding-a-man part”. But now, I have been wishing for it as well although in secret. As for my dear friend Anne, it was her dream of finding true love that came true. I hope my mine would be to fulfill the former.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The song from the Carpenters "I NEED TO BE IN LOVE" would perfectly describe what I have been feeling & thinking for the past months. During idle moments, I kept playing this on my mobile phone. I know single life is wonderful, but sometimes the pangs of loneliness would strike me.

I need to be in love

The hardest thing I've ever done is keep believing
There's someone in this crazy world for me
The way that people come and go through temporary lives
My chance could come and I might never know
I used to say "No promises, let's keep it simple"
But freedom only helps you say goodbye
It took a while for me to learn that nothing comes for free
The price I paid is high enough for me

* I know I need to be in love
I know I've wasted too much time
I know I ask perfection of a quite imperfect world
And fool enough to think that's what I'll find
+ So here I am with pockets full of good intentions
But none of them will comfort me tonight
I'm wide awake at 4 a.m. without a friend in sight
I'm hanging on a hope but I'm all right
repeat *
repeat +
repear *