Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Every time I close my eyes, I have been wishing lately of two things:

My first wish is that I will become a flight attendant of Qatar Airways. I wish that when I sign-off from Star Cruises by next year, the wings of QR will welcome me by then. I hope that I will get the job that I have been dreaming to have. I wish that my next post would be as a cabin crew of Qatar Airlines and jet setting around the globe, and not anymore with Star Cruises as a casino dealer.

As for my second, I also harbor inside my heart that if ever the one mentioned above will not come true and that my career path has no right directions , I just wish that I can find a right man that will truly and dearly love me, a man that can fulfill my happiness and my needs. I have never thought of this before, only recently when I realized that I am no longer 18 but 28. A dear friend and fellow FA aspirant was indeed right. These were Anne’s wishes in the past but just didn’t agree much with her on the “finding-a-man part”. But now, I have been wishing for it as well although in secret. As for my dear friend Anne, it was her dream of finding true love that came true. I hope my mine would be to fulfill the former.

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